Existing Home Owners

Existing Home Owners

If you've already purchased your home using an affordable housing scheme, then you may be considering what to do next.

  • Can I take full ownership of my property and what will it cost?

  • I want to move home, what do I do?

  • Can I raise money for home improvements?

  • What will happen when my mortgage finishes?

It's important to remember that some equity loan schemes for example MyChoiceHomeBuy, will require you to repay your equity loan at the end of the mortgage term. If you haven’t started to make any provision for this then you could be heading for a financial disaster.

Schemes we advise on include:

  • Keyworker Homebuy

  • Open Market Homebuy

  • MyChoiceHomeBuy

  • Expanded Open Market Homebuy

  • Shared Ownership

  • Rent to Buy

Our team of dedicated affordable housing specialists can discuss your situation and explain your options. If we think we can help you, and you want our advice, we'll arrange to meet.

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